Day 9 – Superior Hiking Trail 2015


Starting Location: East Agnes Lake
Destination: Caribou Highlands Lodge
Today’s Miles: 7.0
Total Trip Miles: 88.8

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” -T.S Eliot

As I pack up camp I listen to the forest waking up around me. It amuses me how chit chatty the birds are. I never hear the other animals carrying on like that.  Last night I had live entertainment in camp.  There were 2 groups totally 9 men according to my count.  Aside from the campgrounds, it has been rare for me to share camp with anyone.  Their conversations and antics really livened up the joint.

Apparently, I have become the gold standard on how to hang a bear stash.  When I went to gather up my things from the tree, I found two other stashes hanging right next to mine on the exact same branch I had chosen.  They had wrapped the rope around an adjacent tree, just like I do.  I felt myself puff up just a little with pride.  I am a shining example!

I had an easy and absolutely stunning 7 mile hike into Lutsen.  I was anxious to make it to the luxuries modern living offers, but couldn’t help myself once again to stop and stare in awe at the splendor around me.  The peace of this place continues to work its way into my soul each and every day in a way I suspect will become permanent.