Day 6 – Superior Hiking Trail 2015


Starting Location: West Devil’s Track
Destination: Bally Creek Pond
Today’s Miles: 11.1
Total Trip Miles: 61.2

“The amount of effort required is directly proportional to the awesomeness of the view.”

I had the great fortune to spend last night in an absolutely beautiful campsite. It was right next to a raging river. The sounds of the running water were calming & I slept like a baby.

I am ready to tackle the day. Bring on Day 6 of my adventure!

And the day brought forth stairs. Lots of heart pounding, muscles screaming stairs. I could have used a rest day in Grand Marais, but I have a schedule to adhere to.

Luckily the uphill struggle only lasted a little while & I end up spending the rest of my day on relatively wide, flat, non-scenic cross country ski & mountain bike trails.

It’s uncomfortably warm again today, but at least there is a breeze. I am grateful I loaded up on water. There was none to be had for the first 6 hours of my hike.

I am finally able to resupply at a suspect pond. The water doesn’t have a bad smell & taste palatable so I go for it.

I completely missed the loop trail up to Pincushion Mountain. Maybe next time. That missed opportunity gave me extra time to hike so I am camping at a well hidden spur trail campsite. The only downside will be having to crawl my way back up the steep incline in the morning to get back on the trail.