Day 27 – Superior Hiking Trail 2015


Starting Location: Lone Tree
Destination: Martin Road
Today’s Miles: 11.6
Total Trip Miles: 268.6

Last night was by far the coldest of my entire 16 years of backpacking. None of us got much sleep. Even poor Penny was shivering until Sue covered her with one of her coats. She was out almost instantly after that. I think she slept the best of all of us.

A huge reward that made up for the lack of sleep was listening to a coyote pack partying all night long. Two courting owls added to the nighttime chatter. It was wonderful! I love those noises & at least I had entertainment during my cold, restless evening. It was the first time I heard either on this trip.

We climbed out of our tents to a cold, hard frost. The rope to my bear hang was frozen solid to the tree branches. Normally, when I untie the hang, my stash drops. This morning, nothing moved. I stared up perplexed wondering how the heck I was going to get my stuff. It finally dropped loose while I was accessing the situation.

It finally warmed up to a comfortable level right around noon. I could not have asked for a more perfect last day. It was a sunny, leisurely walk in a woods filled with color. My emotions were in over drive. I couldn’t believe today is my last day. I am going to do it!

We spent our day lingering over break times & sticking just a little closer together. None of us wanted it to end. We stopped for a moment at an intersection. Jim & I read the sign closely. We were on Martin Road! Just a short 10 minute walk later I saw my truck. I couldn’t believe it! We were there! I had done it!!

Hugs, congratulations, & photos ensued. We exchanged contact information & later decided to meet up for a celebration dinner at a local Mexican Restaurant. This trip has inspired me to do more. I hope you have found inspiration as well. Look for my next journey. I am sure it won’t be long before the urge to wander strikes again.