Day 24 – Superior Hiking Trail 2015


Starting Location: Reeves Falls
Destination: McCarthy Creek
Today’s Miles: 11.3
Total Trip Miles: 233.0

I wanted to shout out to the world. I finally made it to the exact spot I was at a month ago delivering my final supply cache. But as usual I had no connectivity ergo no one to share my moment of complete & utter victory. So I settled for a celebration lunch.

Monte, Brad & Catrina hiked through while I was relaxing. Monte the wonder dog, as I will call him, is mostly blind. Attached to Catrina by his leash for his protection he rushes along ahead of her his entire body wiggling with sheer excitement & joy. I love how animals take everything in stride. “So what if I can’t see? I’m leading the way any how!” Love you Monte!!

The walk today was mostly even terrain again much to my relief. And my feet stayed dry! It’s a miracle!! Dry feet at last! Which is a very good thing because those wet conditions gave me my first two blisters I have had this entire trip. Darn it! I was so proud of being blister free this trip too…

I feel better tonight than I have in a while. The wind finally died down which makes the cooler temperatures more bearable. I have been eating & drinking more which has helped me feel stronger. And my feet are dry! Hallelujah!!