Day 23 – Superior Hiking Trail 2015


Starting Location: Crow Creek Valley
Destination: Reeves Falls
Today’s Miles: 14.0
Total Trip Miles: 221.7

The change in season became blatantly obvious yesterday. I passed through sections of forest that had displayed their glorious colors & have now relinquished their leaves to the ground. The trees stood naked looking very barren. I wear my protective rain gear a little longer each day waiting for the sun to warm me up enough to peal off my outer layers. The hardest of the changes for me is the ever decreasing duration I am blessed with that sunlight each day.

A large part of my hike today is a re-route on county roads due to a bridge being permanently out. The river is either completely impassible or incredibly treacherous due to all the rain. Those same rain storms have kept many sections of the trail wet & swampy. My shoes, socks & feet are constantly get dunked into the murky muck & I find myself slipping & skidding my way down the trail more often then I care for.

I am relieved most of the trail remains fairly level throughout the day. It is the longest distance day I have left & my body needed the break from the ups & downs. The fourteen mile distance proved challenge enough for me.

I have a friend joining me for the last three days of my journey. I am so excited she has decided to meet me & walk with me for a while. Her company will make those final days go by all that much more quickly.

It feels a bit unreal that tomorrow I will pick up the final of my five supply stashes. I feel over come with a flood of emotions. I can not believe I have come this far! There were so many times I wondered if I was going to make it & so many more I just wanted to quit.

These final days are all a mental game. My body hurts more than I imagined. I am cold most of the time. Physically I am used up. The driving force that keeps propelling me forward is home with all of the good things & love waiting for me there.