Day 21 – Superior Hiking Trail 2015


Starting Location: Split Rock
Destination: Gooseberry Falls
Today’s Miles: 4.7
Total Trip Miles: 200.4

My campsite was right on the shores of Lake Superior next to Split Rock last night. The waves lulled me to sleep & kept me there for the most part. I slept better than I have the past few nights. I also got treated to the most amazing sunrise anyone could hope for.

I can tell all of my reserves are tapped out. I don’t seem to have the same energy level, get cold & tired easily and am always hungry. The past 3 days have been my longest, most physically demanding yet. Today is a short stroll to next door Gooseberry Falls Park just 5 miles down the bike path. It was a pretty walk winding through the woods with occasional glimpses & views of the lake.

I arrived at the visitors center around 9:30. I took my sweet time enjoying the warmth of being indoors. I ask the gal at the front counter for directions to the campground & how to get back to the trail in the morning. For those of you not familiar with the SHT, a section where I am passing through has been permanently closed. The trail gets re-routed onto the Gitchi Gami Bike Trail for several miles before reconnecting with the SHT. It is that reconnect I needed to inquire about.

After the formalities are through, I proceed to buy a hot chocolate, then a couple bite size chocolates & finally an ice cream cone. I am one hungry camper! In between purchases, I walk around the little trinkets shop just enjoying the treasures.

I decide it is time to head off to my campsite as I am desperately in need of a shower & my muddy clothes need washing. I wander over to the bathroom & spotted a vending area. Now that’s the treasures I’m talking about! I stop back after the restroom & stare longingly at the options. How much can I carry? Do I really need toilet paper in the backcountry anyway?

I snap to my senses, choose 2 small, portable options & start my trek to my campsite. My day was filled with cleaning up, catching up on some business I needed to attend to, & napping. All much needed, all very appreciated.