Day 20 – Superior Hiking Trail 2015


Starting Location: Beaver Pond
Destination: Split Rock
Today’s Miles: 8.5
Total Trip Miles: 195.7

It’s the last day of September & I believe I spent the night in the first frost of the season. It was too cold for a good night’s sleep so I settled for little catnaps in between rolling around in an effort to warm back up.

I am getting restless. I am growing increasingly tired of being cold, wet & sore all the time. I am ready to go home & enjoy all the lovely comforts of the indoors that I am missing more each day.

My frost suspicions are confirmed a few minutes later right after I pass the Beaver Pond campsite where I was supposed to stay last night. As I pop out into an open field, all of the grass and low lying plant life are covered with a solid layer of white frost. I am glad I didn’t make it to this spot last night. My campsite was gorgeous, a little higher so it did not get the frost coating & it was in a drier location.

An hour into my hike, the beauty and peace kick in. I tell myself all too soon I will be warm, my clothes will be clean, & my aching muscles will heal. Then all of this will be a magical, beautiful, peaceful memory. I love that the mind works like that. If you let it, the mind will only retain the good memories & the rest will fade away.