Day 2 – Superior Hiking Trail 2015


Starting LocationJackson Creek
Destination: South Carlson Pond
Today’s Miles: 10.2
Total Trip Miles: 17.2

I woke up positively freezing this morning. I quickly packed up camp & headed out. Despite being quite achy when I got up, once I started moving, I felt very good the first part of the day. I did starting hurting again as the day wore on.

The eye candy today is much improved over yesterday’s barely almost views. Call me crazy, but if I am going to exert that much energy, I want a pretty view.

Since I was the first person on the trail, I got to have the lovely honor of clearing away the spider webs that accumulate across trails over night. I felt them gather relentlessly on my arms, legs and face.

The trail continues to grind relentlessly on my body & I want to quite every couple of minutes. I am not sure why, but something keeps me moving forward.

I still have no connectivity & it touches something deep in my core.  I never imagined I would not have access at some point every day to the outside world.