Day 15 – Superior Hiking Trail 2015


Starting Location: Crosby State Park
Destination: Maple Grove Hotel
Today’s Miles: 9.3
Total Trip Miles: 149.8

The day dawned depressingly misty & foggy. All the clothing I had worn hiking yesterday and my other gear was still thoroughly soaked. Now I had my tent & sleeping bag to add to the growing pile of wetness. When I pulled the supplies out of the bear locker those bags were equally drenched. At least I am consistent.

I am pretty sure the hike from George H. Crosby Manitou Park where I had set up camp last night to Sugar Loaf Road would have been beautiful, but the mist blocked out any hope of seeing any pretty sites. The trail is a brutal assault of Boulder size climbs followed by slick rock smooth descents. At one point I pause hearing a loud noise only to realize it is my pounding heart beat reverberating in my head.

It’s amazing how being cold, wet & uncomfortable for a few days can really dampen my spirits. I feel as glum as the gray around me. I try to focus on the bright, happy light at the end of my proverbial tunnel. Dan & Merlin are meeting up with me for the weekend. I have not seen my family for 3 weeks and to say I was looking forward to the visit is a complete understatement.