Day 14 – Superior Hiking Trail 2015


Starting Location: Finland, MN
Destination: Crosby State Park
Today’s Miles: 14.1
Total Trip Miles: 140.5

After yesterdayʻs incident, I left the warmth, dryness and comfort of my hotel room this morning with more than a little hesitation. The weather continued its soggy assult on my body and spirit. I wish I coud say good, happy things about today, but truth is, today was just downright unpleasant. Even in my line of work there are days where you just grit your teeth, bear down and get ʻer done.
There were numerous sections along the trail today which I have named the Queen’s Bath. There are a fair number along the SHT some lasting for quite a long while. They are sections where your feet are going to get a royal soaking at least up to your ankles whether you need it or not. They are impossible to go around as there is muddy soggy earth all around. Sometimes you can find rocks or pieces of wood that give you the hope that perhaps this time you can somehow avoid the inevitable cold, muddy dip.

This is a mere illusion however as soon as you step on one of these, you will inevitably be sucked under to receive your Queenʻs bath. The kicker is once you have received your soaking, retrieving your foot, boot and sock is equally challenging. As you struggle and swear the muck holds you hostage in a muddy grip to the death. Once you are able to finally win the battle, the mud recidicates with a very loud, sucking sound of protest.

After a wet and uneventful day, I made it into camp a little before 4:00. I got camp secure which consists of getting my food cache put safely out of critter reach, setting up my tent, & getting all of my dry gear laid out in the tent for the night. I decided to climb into my tent den, change into my dry clothes and get warmed up. The plan was to crawl out after it stopped raining to make some adjustments to my tent which wasn’t quite set up exactly as I like it the first time, hit the bathroom & grab something to eat. It never stopped raining. So, starting at 4 p.m. on, mother nature held me hostage in my safe, dry tent.