Day 13 – Superior Hiking Trail 2015


Starting Location: Ledge
Destination: Sugar Loaf Road
Today’s Miles: 12.7
Total Trip Miles: 126.4

I write today’s post with some hesitation, but I have a lesson that we all could learn from. Rain was predicted again today. The wonderful couple I met in my campsite offered to take me into Finland which is my next scheduled rest day, but I declined.

It was quite a bit cooler today then the last time I got completely drenched (mid 40s today vs mid 70s). I have added additional waterproof bags in an effort to keep my gear dry. I also wore my rain gear this morning given the cooler temperatures so I assumed I would be fine.

Two or three hours of hiking in a steady rain, I was once again completely drenched. My rain gear had failed to do its job & I was starting to show symptoms of hypothermia. I made the decision to hike out to Highway 61, hitch a ride into Finland & get a hotel room.

I can’t thank the lovely couple who made the decision to pick me up enough! They graciously offered to take me where ever I needed to go and refused my offer to reimburse them for their time and gas. I was no where near a town and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without their kind hearts. I hope someday to reconnect with them and tell them how much it meant to me.

My lesson for today – no trip, no dream, nothing is worth your personal safety. I have now cut two hiking days out of my journey. I am disappointed, but will start back tracking tomorrow morning to where I left off today. With a little help from my “pit crew” (who was going to surprise me with a visit this weekend to celebrate my birthday), I’ll get picked up at a road intersection on Friday after hiking the two days I missed out on backwards. We will come back to my hotel in Finland, have a rest day then I’ll get dropped off at the trail intersection & I will be back to my regularly scheduled itinerary on Sunday.