Day 12 – Superior Hiking Trail 2015


Starting Location: Leveaux Pond
Destination: Ledge
Today’s Miles: 12.4
Total Trip Miles: 113.7

Every time I feel alone, I remember all the words of encouragement I have gotten & continue to receive on a daily basis. No, I am not alone. Many of you are here with me, some of you every single day. For that, I say a huge thank you.

I am going to push past my scheduled campsite today if I can. More rain is predicted for tomorrow into Thursday. I want to reduce the miles between me & my next hotel since it looks like I might not have an opportunity to dry out like I did the first time. I have some new things in place in an attempt to keep everything dry, but I want to stack as many things in my favor as possible.

A lot of my journey has been in the woods. While not all that visually stimulating, it does offer ample opportunity to reflect on many of life’s quandaries, have deep philosophical discussions with myself & sing every single 80s song that comes to mind. There are also times when I just walk along thinking nothing at all & just listen to the sounds of the forest.

Today started out flat & easy enough. That all changed a few hours into my hike when I started my rocky, root-infused climb up to Carlton Peak. Another overlook at the scenic valley below, not quite as jaw dropping as Oberg was yesterday, but still lovely.

What was not so lovely was me missing my turn off, hiking all the way to the bottom, realizing my mistake, & having to back track almost to the summit before I found the route I needed to take. It took a lot of time & energy. I made it as far as the camp I was intending to stay at tonight & could go no further.

Temperance River State Park is gorgeous! I could have easily spent a lot more time exploring the area. I had to settle for a late lunch & water re-supply, but made sure to take my sweet time so I could soak in as much of the views as possible.