Day 11 – Superior Hiking Trail 2015


Starting Location: Caribou Highlands
Destination: Leveaux Pond
Today’s Miles: 12.5
Total Trip Miles: 101.3

My body protested as I slung my pack on. I am loaded down with water & five days worth of food. I had forgotten to stretch the past couple days & was extremely achy last night. I tried doing some gentle stretching before climbing into bed, but my back has tightened to the point my toes are currently unattainable.

I’m leaving the comforts of that warm hotel bed with lots of emotion. While I am excited to see Oberg Mountain a friend’s personal favorite spot, I am once again afraid of the journey that still looms before me. My mileage per day is going up & I’m uncertain I will be physically up for the challenge.

Those feelings lasted all of about 10 minutes until my muscles warmed up & I saw my first “Oh wow!” view of the day. The wonderment & curiosity took over. I was ready to move forward headlong into what today will bring.

Oberg Mountain was quite lovely. The spur trail climb to get there was a very gradual reasonable assent. The little 2 mile loop offers lots of panoramic vista opportunities & there were ample fall colored trees to ogle at.

I met the Woo-Hoo sisters today. They are an awesome group of fun- loving gals who do a trip together every year I believe. They fed me oranges & Snickers which I enthusiastically accepted. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I packed for this trip, but I was woefully short on my Snickers supply. No more! I now have 4 squirreled away in my snack bag.