Day 1 – Superior Hiking Trail 2015


Starting Location: Otter Lake Road
Destination: Jackson Creek
Today’s Miles: 7
Total Trip Miles:  7

“It’s hard to see the forest through all the trees.”

As I sit here next to this little bubbling brook waiting for dinner I contemplate all I have accomplished today.

I am more achy then I would have liked to be this early in the trip. The trail is incredibly rocky & root infused making it very difficult to walk with a straight flat-footed gait. I spent my day with my feet getting twisted and bent this way & that. I have some very justified concerns about my feet, ankles, and knees holding up to the strain.

There were 4 of us that got dropped off at the trails northern most end. We ended up on an express shuttle this morning since all of us were going to the same place. We only stopped a few times for coffee & bathroom breaks. We made it up here in record time arriving by mid-morning instead of the normal mid-day drop off.

All of us decided to make the trek to the official trails end. I am glad I did since this was the best view of the day. The rest of my time was spent alone in the woods, first scaring the heck out of myself then convincing myself I did not want to spend the next 27 days scared half to death.

I tried to get a phone signal today several times to no avail. I think that’s when it really hit me. I’m alone. I am completely, 100% alone. There is no calling my husband to check in. There is no calling 911 if I get in trouble. It’s all on me. It’s very unsettling.

All told I hiked just over 11 miles. I am so very proud. That’s the length most of my days will be. I feel a little boost of confidence. Maybe I really can do it.