Alone - CompressedI often get asked if I am going with a group.  When I tell people no, then I get asked who I am going with.  The truth is I am going alone.  The concept seems to perplex, confuse and very possibly, frighten people.

Sometimes in life, alone chooses you.  This trip wasn’t even my idea.  It was my husband’s crazy suggestion as a way of rebuilding my self-confidence after corporate America has given me the shaft twice in the last year.  I spent a month committing then immediately talking myself out of it.  One day, I just decided, no backing out.  I was going for it, and I was going all by myself!

I look forward to embracing the solitude.  I will be on my own for 27 days.  I have never done that before.  For me, this is an incredible opportunity to focus inward and grow as a person.  I expect to come out of this experience changed.  I know I won’t be the same person I am now.  What that person will be I don’t know, but I hope I will be better for it.

Perhaps there are lessons that can only be learned by being truly alone.  I will have to learn how to depend on myself.  I have to make my own decisions, right or wrong, and rely on my best judgment.  I will have to learn to trust my own instincts and intuition.  Going this alone will also give me the opportunity to discover many things about myself that I am not aware of or have overlooked.

I imagine how liberating it will feel to disconnect from life for a while and be content with the moment, with the view and with my own thoughts.  This time alone will give me time to be creative, to think clearly and to refresh.  I am excited to discover what other things this experience might give me the courage to try.