Frequently Asked Questions
Never hesitate to ask us any question that you have … nothing is off limits. We are creating the first of many experiences of a lifetime for you … make sure you are comfortable and have all the information you need to thoroughly enjoy your experiences with us!

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Do I need to reserve events ahead of time?
Yes, you should reserve the events you would like to attend no later than the night before.

How do I make a reservation?
Each event has registration and payment option buttons.

Where can I rent snowshoes?
The very best place I have found to rent snowshoes from is the city of Lakeville. At $3.00 a day, this offer is dirt cheap & a wicked awesome deal! Information is as follows:

Snowshoe rental
The City of Lakeville has snowshoes available for rent in three sizes:

Up to 150 lbs.
Up to 200 lbs.
Up to 275 lbs.

The details:

$3 per pair/per day
3-day minimum on weekends
$75 deposit required per pair
Pick up and return snowshoes at Lakeville City Hall, 20195 Holyoke Avenue, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Call Parks & Recreation at (952) 985-4600 to reserve snowshoes or for more information and availability.

Do I need to pay for the events prior to the event date?
It is my preference that you pay online ahead of time since I am accepting Paypal or cash payments only at this time and do not carry a lot of cash with me to the events. I might not have the correct change for you if you need it the day of the event, but if you have exact payment, it is fine to bring it with you and pay at the event.

Are events ever cancelled?
Yes. Client comfort and safety is my top priority and if I determine the weather is unpleasant and/or unsafe for the event to be held I will cancel it. Typically, reasons for cancellation will be if the temperatures are too cold, there are severe storms that make travel and the activities unsafe, and in the case of guide illness. My general policy is 15 degrees air temperature or wind chill. So if the temperature is 20 degrees with a 15 degree wind chill, we are a go.

Will I be notified if an event gets cancelled?
Yes. I will make every attempt to contact you in the event of a cancellation. I will post a CANCELLED notice on the event, send you an email and a text. When you register, its important for you to provide that information so I can communicate with you.